Invest in the Best CrossFit Squat Stands

If you are a seasoned athlete, you already know that proper exercise depends on the equipment you are using. If it is faulty, the exercises will be under par. However, if the tools of the trade are optimal, you will achieve an admirable body stamina in less time. For this reason, we have borne the task of searching for and compiling what we think are the best CrossFit squat stands.
The following products come from world-leading manufacturers. Discover how to use them appropriately to achieve your fitness dreams. If you have been postponing all important CrossFit exercise, there is no longer reason to procrastinate. Invest in one of the CrossFit squat stands today and achieve a general personal gratification.


CFF Squat Stands, 750-Pound

This is one of the most innovative CrossFit squat stands yet. Its H-shaped frame base is its basic support. The fact that it has adjustable squat stands means that you, your taller and shorter colleagues will use it conveniently. The ends of the stands are sealed with rubber caps to protect your hands from injury. In addition, take advantage of the safety catch bars that are designed for emergency.

The maximum load recommended for the CFF Squat Stands is 750 lbs. This means that each stand can be loaded with a maximum of 350 lbs. However, you can add a little extra weight and reinforce the base with sand bags. For safety purposes, you are advised to have a spotter at all times.

The stand comes with an admirable 5-year warranty. It features a white frame made of heavy-duty steel. While its total weight is only 57 lbs, it measures 40 inches in height, 19 inches in length and 6 inches in width.


Valor Fitness BD-3 Squat Stand

Just like its CFF counterpart, the BD-3 boasts of an H-shaped base to give you enormous stability on the ground. Similarly, it has emergency safety catch bars. The rubber caps well protects your hands, and indeed other body parts at the handle ends. While the stand is suitable for people of average height, you may have a small problem if you are 6 feet or taller. When the posts are raised high, the leverage support is diminished.

The maximum weight recommended for the stand is 150lbs, 75lbs on each side. One advantage that this stand has over others is that you can adjust the base to achieve larger footprint hence more stability. The posts stand at admirable 43-inches while each base occupies a surface of 400 square inches.


York Barbell FTS Press and Squat Stand

Are you an athlete looking to build your strength in your legs and your lower back? Have you been disappointed by ineffective squat stands in the past? There is good news for you. The York Barbell is the best brand of squat stand to increase stamina in those body parts. It has versatile uses, enabled by its adjustable uprights. While you can do squats and bench presses with equal effectiveness. In addition to attaining leg and back stamina, you will be able to do valuable chest and arm exercises. Take advantage of the well-illustrated instruction manual for proper assembly. In just a matter of minutes, you will put up the stand and start training. It measures 41 inches in height, 35 inches in length and 49 inches in width while weighing 106 lb. The disassembly process is equally quick and hassle-free. Use the York Barbell FTS Press and Squat Stand every day and achieve your fitness ambitions faster than expected.


CFF “Pro Series Elite” Heavy Duty Squat Stands

As a professional CrossFit trainer and performer, you will find this Pro Series Elite Squat Stand the most valuable asset of 2015. You can adjust the stand from one increment to another in micro measurements. Similarly, the assembly and disassembly procedures are fast, easy and hassle free. In fact, you can roll away the disassembled structure and store it in a tiny space in a corner of your house.

As it is designed for heavyweights, the frame comes in a sturdy 9-gauge box steel construction. Similarly, the securing pins, plate horns, bolts, and nuts are made of high quality steel to withstand the pressure and constant use. The only deterrent may be the fact that it weighs 141lbs.

While the above are the leading best CrossFit squat stands, many more exist. Contact us now for additional information on these, and other leading CrossFit squat stands.

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