How to Size a Speed Rope for the Ultimate Workout

How to Size a Speed RopeIf you are looking to improve on your workouts and to burn a lot of calories, your fitness level is not where you want it to be; your workouts are stagnating or perhaps you need a boost to take your routines to the next level, knowing how to size a speed rope can help.

It will literally take your workouts and fitness to the next level and always keep you looking forward to your routine. It is not only suitable for jumping but also for cross fit, Gym workouts, Martial Arts, Boxing training and skipping competitions.

When sizing up a speed rope for your exercise, there are several things you need to keep in mind.


One of the things to consider is the weight. Speed ropes can be terrible if not properly weighted. Your workout speed rope can become your biggest enemy if not have the correct weight as it may thwart your interest and speed by tangling every time you get down to exercise. It may, however, boost your interest as you pick up on your speed because it has the right weight. You need something that is in between light and heavy to make your workout easy and fun and to avoid tangling on your rope every time you set to work out. The tangling may kill your morale to work out and leave you stagnant at the same point you were when you first started.
Your fitness level should be your priority. If you feel the need to boost your workout to the next level and you also want to improve your cardio by jumping, do your research and get the rope that has the suitable weight for you. Many a times you may have given up on jumping rope simply because when you start jumping and counting how many jumps you have done, you get tangled. From the moment you discover how to buy a rope with the correct weight, you will enjoy jumping rope every morning from the comfort of your home. Your fitness will improve tremendously the more you take time to speed rope.


The handles for your speed rope should always be amongst the key points to check before any purchase. Your comfort must always come first when working out because you are not punishing yourself. You need to enjoy every workout you do. You should always have that urge and morale to work out. When shopping for a speed rope, it is advisable to go for the stainless steel handles with sleek black polymer finish; it looks cool but don’t let the look fool you. Stainless steel handles ensure lasting durability and are correctly weighted for perfect balance.

The custom sweatbands coated handles maximize grip and comfort during extended workouts and provides a non-slip grip which is a welcome relief to those of us with sweaty palms.
The sweatbands ensure an extended workout session. You don’t have to keep drying your hands therefore interrupting your workout. The thin stainless steel cable coated with a special polymer is engineered never to tangle and to reduce friction in the air to give you an extra boost of speed which is a welcome relief.

Adjustable cable

It would be great to own a speed rope with adjustable cable. This allows one to involve their kids in their workout, as adjustable cables mean that even a 10 year old can use the same rope. It is, therefore, important to get a rope that can be adjusted, and that has a patent pending ball bearing system designed for maximum rotation speed, which makes double under and triple under attainable.
With a sonic boom speed rope, the cable can be adjusted to suit any heights between 4’6” and 6’9” so it is suitable for both adults and children.  It also has a thin stainless steel cable coated with PVC to reduce friction through the air.


It is also important to look for products that give 100% lifetime satisfaction money-back guarantee. A product that you know you are not buying on a trial and error basis.

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