Hit the trail in Brooks Pureflow 2 Review

Running, like any other sport requires very light and comfortable sports shoes. The Brook Pureflow 2 was meant for that. The shoe takes charge of your feet responsibly. You can run on very rough terrain for long periods on this single sole and not notice the passing time. Its light weight and comfort serve to keep you moving for losing the weight you may badly need to cut, without your feet experiencing unnecessary pains and fatigue.

These shoes come in Male and Female designs and even for kids. There are  a variety of appealing colors that make a statement while you are in them. This assures you ooze a lot of confidence from within and this motivates you to keep on running.

This review brings forth the best features and benefits of owning these shoes. You will also learn from customer responses their experiences with the product. This will keep you equipped with all the necessary information you need to go and purchase a sports shoe.

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  • The shoe is of lightweight construction and has a lush cushioning to provide comfort to your feet. You can run for a long distance with minimal fatigue because the shoe is not heavy at all.
  • The BioMoGo DNA midsole ensures the sole is lean and gives your feet a cushy feel without additional bulky materials that may otherwise raise the sole to uncomfortable heel.
  • The asymmetric lacing that comes with this shoe is amazing. The laces remain tied, and one doesn’t really need to keep untying.
  • The shoe has ten cushioning pads that provide protection in the front, central and heel area ensuring smooth landing whenever running.
  • The synthetic top material is of quality and is very durable. Besides the designs are of amazing colors that are really appealing, and you can choose from a range of colors.
  • The shoes are of close fit giving you the comfort you long for in running. It is available in different sizes.


The laces might be very short for those who love long laces, but with the asymmetric manner they are designed you can comfortably do without untying.

Pros-review What we like

  • The shoes provide comfort and are excellent in running because of their lightweight
  • The sole is lean and ensures are very safe and smooth landing. The feet do not wobble . Thus you avoid blisters at all costs
  • The shoes are perfect for running in the rough and dirty terrains without strain.
  • The laces are amazing because there is no need to keep on untying them, and this is very convenient.
  • The variety of colors the shoes is designed in provides a wide range of choices to the customer and more so gives a fashion statement, and one cannot go unnoticed once you have them on
  • The close fit sizes are great. The shoe fits the feet perfectly and, therefore, there are reduced chances of unwanted falls and blisters. The ankles are well protected by the padded insole.

Cons-Review What we don’t like

The color of shoes is vast, and therefore it is important to be careful when ordering to avoid delivery of a different color.

The shoes get dirt easily due to the synthetic upper material, and so one requires frequent washing to keep the color and appeal.


Customer Reviews

Most of the customers who have had experience with the Brook Superflow 2 are willing to recommend the shoe to everyone. They testify of the comfort delivered by the shoe mostly due to its lightweight and lean sole.

They are more excited that the shoe can be worn even on the rough areas. More so, it is recommended for marathon and high pace running in addition to the normal jogging around the roads.

These shoes deliver on the promises and expectations of the customer with minimal complaints. The customers are pleased to give positive feedback on its use on the treadmill in the gym. They are just perfect.


These shoes satisfy all your sports needs in the gym and on the trail. They are very comfortable and are worth the price. Their quality and durability is great and will assure you great and long service.

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