Discover and Use the Best Weight Vest for Crossfit

When performing your cross fit exercises, you want to have a complete range of motion. With the best weight vest for CrossFit, you will experience general fitness, overall improved health, weight loss, and disease prevention.  There are a range of innovative designs that ensure comfort and an enjoyable CrossFit workout.

Before you begin your CrossFit training, review and choose from the top three best weight vests for cross fits as suggested and you could get the body you want, quicker and better.

Hyperwear Hyper Vest PRO Review

The Hyper Vest PRO is a revolutionary type of weighted vest that features a unique control system and fabric.  It allows the user complete range of motion and the weights are held comfortably and firmly to the core, even during vigorous, multi-plane movement.  It is also flexible around the chest, and in the horizontal stretch allows for full chest expansion and contraction for breathing while the weights stay in place.  Something that makes it more comfortable is that, it is so thin. You can wear it under a shirt, and no one would know (Weights are only ¼ inch thick) and a breathable, wicking fabric, and generous open side panels make the vest exceptionally comfortable.

The user will have great benefits since it creates the effect of mass evenly distributed over the body’s core to create resistance.  And by adding weight to the core, you can engage in any movement with the additional resistance of the weights.  Call it, “body weight training at its best.”  Use the Hyper Vest for sports performance training, tactical training for fire, police, and military, general fitness, and overall health weight loss, and prevention of osteoporosis.

Users are encouraged to use Hyper Vest PRO since this has the potential impact of increased functional body strength, overall fitness level, athletic performance, and stimulation of body system reactions.

MiR Weighted Vest Review

The MiR Weighted Vest has a heavy duty component of 1200D nylon and can hold up to 120lbs.  The removable weights are located high to protect the stomach from any pounding as you run and workout.   MiR Weighted Vests feature double-padded shoulders for added comfort and mesh vented inside for breathability.  The padding is designed to be contoured to your shoulder for maximum comfort.  It also has two adjustable straps that can be adjusted underneath so you can easily adjust the body length of the vest by sliding the straps up and down through the D-rings.

The package of MiR Weighted Vest is available and is delivered ready for use.  Here are some specifications for his vest:

  • 16” (shoulder width) x16” (upper chest) x13” (lower chest) with total adjustable length.
  • Double Padding and lining throughout the body and shoulder.
  • 120lbs Total weight capacity in increments of 3lbs. Two hook and loop fastening belts included.
  • Upgradeable individual packets can hold up to 90lbs.
  • Mid-chest Belt for maximum hold, no bouncing, and no shifting
  • Weights are loaded at top body front & back for optimum performance.

100lb BOX Weight Vest Review

This is a vest that has been designed just for CrossFit. It has been made with the best materials, guaranteeing high quality and durability. It is a fully padded vest in both the front and the back. For those taking long runs or intense and active workouts, this vest is what you need. It adds a deeper dimension to CrossFit training, and you will see the results on your body after using this vest.

For the weights, it has a two piece design, where there is a 50lb base weighted vest and an extra 50lb attachment. Each of its pockets can take a 2.5lb removable cast iron weight which gives excellent balance both at the front and the back. This vest also features a unique strapping system that holds it secure – even through the most active workout of the day.

When it comes to maintenance, this vest is trouble free. Cleaning is easy due to the wipe down inside liner. For the image conscious, this vest is available in a range of colors allowing you to match up all your workout gear. The best feature of this vest is its lifetime warranty.

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