Choosing the best kettlebell for crossfit

Kettlebells are very important in crossfit exercises for a number of reasons (which we will explore later on) and for this reason it is important for you to buy the right one. There are various brands to look at and sizes too; so we will try and help you make an informed decision concerning this topic.

Why kettlebells?

If you are new to the crossfit training world and just need something to start with this would be the best equipment to have. These Kettlebells have a lot of significance where strength training is concerned for they not only build muscles but elongate them i.e. they work out every single muscle in your body which also helps increase your metabolism.

With this equipment you get to do both cardio and strength training with exercises such as the kettlebell swing your heart is left beating at a first rate as you are building your glute muscles and abdominal muscles.

This equipment can do so many things; they can burn fat at a faster rate compared to others, they help you rebalance your muscles because of how we normally are e.g. our front muscles are tighter than the back muscles because we sit more.

What to look for in Kettlebells

Bear in mind that the best diameters range from 31mm to 38mm depending on the size of the kettlebell. The bigger the size of the Kettlebell, the larger it is in diameter. This is a very important for crossfit trainers especially for exercises like the kettle swing and the snatch. You will have such a hard time training with narrow/ slim handles ending up hurt compared to the use of thicker handles.

Handle width
The width is an important factor because in some exercises such as the kettle swing you are required to use both your hands.  The last thing you want is to feel as if the grip is too tight while using both hands so this is a key factor for you.

Handle Finishing
You don’t want to get bruises or cuts as you are working out. Most of the finishing you will find consists of enamel, vinyl, powder coating, and bare steel. They are the best in terms of durability and also for long sets; you are assured you won’t get cuts as you are training for the finishing is actually smooth.

Kettlebell base
The base is very significant especially for exercises that require you to use the kettlebell as a stand for example the clean and Jerk. You need to have a flat base for such exercises which is very important for you; if you are working out at home it would also be good to have one with a flat base for safety precautions while in storage.

Possible the most important thing aspect is the weight. Carefully check the weight stated. The weight can be distinguished by the type of exercises you will be doing and how active you already are  for example if you are doing more of swings  then an average active man would start with  between 16-20 Kg’s/ 35-44 lb., a more athletic man would opt for 16 and 28b kg/ 35-62 lbs., a more unfit man would opt for a 12kg/ 26 lb. while an average woman would start with a weight varying from 8Kg/18 lb-12 Kg/26 lb. but if you are a fresh beginner who does not do any form of exercise then 6-8kg/ 13-18 lbs. is for you.  I would strongly recommend you pass by a gym that has these equipment’s and try the weights out before you purchase one online so that as you are making your purchase you are sure of the weight for you.


This would be our top 3 of the best crossfit kettlebells recommendation for you:


1. (Single) Solid Cast Iron Kettlebell from 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, and 65 lbs. – BY Idzo

This Kettle bell comes in various sizes which are great for you can get the size best suited for you. The handles are made in such a way that they are wide enough for the use of both hands giving you adequate space and comfort as you are holding it while doing your swings. The handles also have a smooth finishing; you are assured of having a good work out that does not involve cuts and bruises. The material used is cast iron which is what is mostly used for this type of material. The exterior is painted for the protection of the kettlebell from rusting and such problems. It has a fairly flat base which is great for exercises requiring ground support like the tabata Wod exercise.

2. Sunny Vinyl Coated Kettle Bell

This particular Kettlebell would be more attractive to women for the color but it can be used by both. It comes in various sizes/ weight and colors too. It has been made using high grade casting iron and vinyl coating which protects your flours from damages caused by dropping it or drugging. The diameter is wide enough for a good grip which is great and also the finishing is well done reducing bruises caused by badly finished kettlebells. The handle however is not as wide as other kettlebells meaning this would be the best crossfit kettlebell for women and men with smaller hands for a comfortable grip when using both hands during swings.

3. SPRI Deluxe Vinyl Kettlebells

SPRI comes in various colors and weight depending on your preference. The handles have been made in such a way they improve the grip and comfort as you are training especially using both your hands or even when performing exercises such as snatches. The finishing is also nicely done with a wide diameter for efficiency. This product has been dipped in Vinyl for extra protection of your. It’s weight as distinguished by different colors which is good for easy identification. The base is flat adding its relevance for ground exercises.

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